Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cardinal to Boycott Graduation

Cardinal Keeler will boycott the Loyola University Graduation because Rudolf Guliani is the commencement speaker.

I am not sure I agree with this. Rudolf Guliani maybe pro-choice but he is not against people holding pro-life views. I think that is what is most important. Mother Theresa was booed at Harvard but she was allowed to speak. Here is an excerpt from an interview with her and Time magazine

"Time: You and John Paul II, among other Church leaders, have spoken out against certain lifestyles in the West, against materialism and abortion. How alarmed are you?

Mother Teresa: I always say one thing: If a mother can kill her own child, then what is left of the West to be destroyed? It is difficult to explain , but it is just that.

Time: When you spoke at Harvard University a few years ago, you said abortion was a great evil and people booed. What did you think when people booed you?

Mother Teresa: I offered it to our Lord. It's all for Him, no? I let Him say what He wants.

Time: But these people who booed you would say that they also only want the best for women?

Mother Teresa: That may be. But we must tell the truth.

Time: And that is?

Mother Teresa: We have no right to kill. Thou shalt not kill, a commandment of God. And still should we kill the helpless one, the little one? You see we get so excited because people are throwing bombs and so many are being killed. For the grown ups, there is so much excitement in the world. But that little one in the womb, not even a sound? He cannot even escape. That child is the poorest of the poor.

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Anonymous said...

Mother Theresa booed at Harvard? I was there (1982 graduation) and I didn't hear a boo. I daresay there may have been some secular types muttering when she spoke out against abortion, but there wasn't a boo in the house. I mean the lawn.