Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Speaking of Bishop's

Here was a great post about the8 Habits of Highly Effective Bishops

1. A bishop must be personally holy.
2. A bishop must promote and defend the authentic Catholic Faith.
3. A bishop must be committed to Catholic education.
4. A bishop must work to strengthen the Catholic family.
5. A bishop must foster vocations.
6. A bishop must love the Mass.
7. A bishop must be willing and able to start from scratch.
8. A bishop must be vocal in the public square.

I guess we must all do this, not just bishops. I fail as well as the next man. However, I am not a professional catholic like Bishops.

Two things worth reading on the role of the Bishop are the Enciclycal Letter of JPII Pastores Gregis

and the great Bishop Carlson's letter on a Bishop's Duties which in some ways prefigured JPII's letter.


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