Tuesday, March 15, 2005

More on Kneeling as the Catholic Response to the presence of the Holy Eucharist

See article on Kneeling and genuflect

At St. Ignatius this weekend I was gratified that the priest invited people to kneel before the Holy and Blessed Eucharist at the Ecce Agnus Dei. This is a change and I think it may be an implementation of the new regulations in the Diocese. I remember a conversation with the Pastor, who is a great Priest, regarding this topic and he told me that the Diocese had said it a person could kneel or not. Well that must have changed. It was difficult before when most people in the congregation would kneel and some would not. So I would be kneeling and looking up at the altar, only to see the back of the person standing in front of me. It is fitting that during the year of the Eucharist we are returning to this practice whose absence did not make sense. There is no more sign of adoration in this society then kneeling or genuflecting. The absence of it I was told by my catholic educators back in the day, was that we no longer see Jesus in the Eucharist as something to adore but Jesus is everywhere so there is no need to kneel. I remember one day in NYC when I went to the Chapel at Fordham University at Columbus Circle to pray before the blessed sacrament and there was no lamp to tell me if the Holy Eucharist was reserved in the Tabernacle. I asked the priest if Jesus was present in the Tabernacle and he told me that Jesus was everywhere so why did I care about the Tabernacle. He was serious. That was the last time I went to that quiet and nice chapel. At the Xavier Hall at St. Ignatius, they have removed the tabernacle altogether. First they took it from its place at the center and front of the chapel. Unfortunate because clearly the chapel was designed and built for the Tabernacle to be there. Then they moved it to a supply closet. Then it disappeared altogether. I assume it is in the sacristy but I have not checked. I will find out what happened.

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