Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This Blog was not intended to highlight life issues

But the outrageous nature of the Schiavo case and the very idea that a mother could be arrested for exercising her legal right over her 14 year old daughter, while a woman would kidnap a girl her son got pregnant and take her to an abortion clinic. Now this goes a little too far. This is not the scenario that the predictors of the perfect society had when they told us that abortion was to prevent back alley abortions and would decrease out of wedlock pregnancy and make us all happy. Now more people have died in the U.S. alone than were killed by Hitler and Stalin and many of these poor woman are in denial. Not all of the woman. Not Norma Rae (Jane Doe) or many other woman who have come to terms with what a travesty they have made out of the incredible gift of life that God entrusted to them. We know God will have mercy on them. I earnestly pray for them that when he shows them what they did they won't despair of his love. They will realize he can forgive them just as Jesus forgave his killers on the cross.


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